Monday, January 21, 2008

"Attic Florals" on a SNOWY DAY

Another BIG storm has plopped itself upon the state of Utah...I hope all of the Sundance Film Festival movie goers are not getting discouraged with our snow and cold temps, I would love to go to town and see if Tom Hanks is hanging around but I don't dare pull out of our driveway!

One great thing I love about being snowed in is that I have endless wonderful baskets of florals, vintage odds & ends & containers so all I have to do is bring my imagination and have the best day doing what I love. Here are a few samples of todays work, I may not finish the others as the darling husband is coming home early to prepare for the dreaded colonoscopy, poor thing!I may be chuckling in the other room as I went through it last year! Oh No, the worst day of my life!

One floral is in an old 60's mailbox I have painted, antiqued and added lucious grapes, hydrangeas, antiqued ribbon and can you see the crystal garland it is a christmas clearance piece, isnt it elegant with the big purplish cabbage rose?
I also took an old shelf, painted it, antiqued it, added a vintage style decal along with many vintage buttons lining the bottom...kind of fun! And what about the silver vintage rolling pin in the old collander filled with beautiful limey greens and green apples, makes your mouth water.
Another piece, not antique, is the dressy apple floral in the beautiful roses tin container and then adorned with a vintage tea dyed doily and lacey ribbon. I always scent the florals with a orangy cinnamon smell, which seems to work for everyone. rhinoculous in beautiful colors are tucked into the container filled with antiquey green colored hydrangeas, and last but not least a most wonderful accent antique paperie tag. Birds are the thing this coming year...just in case you were wondering. Along with CHOCOLATE! You'll have to see what's coming for Chocolate Easter.

My favorite and easiest of the day is the vintage metal tea pot painted shabby white with pink roses and dainty ivy. Around its waist I glued a white heart doily and tied with the crystal garland, then attached an antique paperie tag for personality.

Thanks for letting me share as it is keeping me from eating, which I do best, and so far I am being good.
so BACK TO WORK NOW...Hope to see you in the shop...that is if you can get out of YOUR DRIVEWAY!


Antique Paperie said...

LOVE the florals and the shelf is something I would most definately buy. If we sell the house in Oregon and get to move back home I want you to design lots of fabulous florals for me. (It's going up for sale this Thursday) You have the Designing touch!!! My mother used to do that, and I never learned the art of arranging very well. Hmmm....cute tags too!! heehee :) (but you knew I would say that!)
On another note, I just told my hairdresser today that I wanted to look like my website. So, this Friday, I am going with a deep, rich chocolate & auburn brown hair dye (going back to my REAL roots)instead of the Frosted I always have done. All I need are some vintage style clothes & jewels to have the "Antique Paperie" look....maybe I should just call myself "Gypsy Rose" and actually wear some of my tags.....heehee!!
LOVE those shoes in the last post my dear!!!
xoxo Sherri

Sweet Necessi-Teas said...

Brenda, I love your florals--especially the coffee/teapot one! What a wonderful way to spend a cold day!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am having so much fun creating the new Dressed To A Tea cozies! Way too much fun!

Pink hugs, Karen