Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pioneer Days week... Note our shop hours...

Shop will be closed July 24 & 25th over Pioneer Days. Opened: Monday Tuesday & Friday we will open 11:00-4:30 and Wed. 10:30-5:30

Come down and try this enormous steak burrito at Francisco's Grill on the corner.This baby must be 12" long and 6: wide and 2" deep, a bit spicy too. We had a customer from west Bountiful who comes to this restaurant faithfully and passed on her husbands love for all of their food and she also shops Just a bed of roses...she exclaimed "I would travel further for these two shops". We are thankful to customers who let us know.

And then there is Francisco's flourless chocolate cake...this west bountiful customer raved about it too, along with some of our regular customers last I just had to try it...and what a pleasure! whoa...this cake is like a melt in your mouth fudge brownie with whip cream and chocolate sauce.

If you feel the need for a chocolate indulgence...this is it!(our pretzels help too!

Arrived in the shop Friday is a yellow decorative board, wouldnt it look awesome standing in a garden? Or just hangning on a wall, maybe add some hooks and hang quilts or coats or jewelry from it? The red items are a large wooden magazine holder and red vintage suitcase. Not pictured are some smaller overnight cases fun for display. They are in the front window waiting for the sock monkeys to be arranged on them. Hoping for Monday...then I can just Monkey around all day... for a change!

Other goodies coming in too...some antique perfume bottles and a rusty birdcage...two extremes. That's because our customers are EXTREME! (in a good way!)
See you soon...


Cindy said...

That looks delicious! I wondered where that chocolate cake was.

Mimi Sue said...

That does look good. We ate there probably about a year ago or so. Thought it was very good and for some reason haven't been back. Maybe we'll go up there for date night. It sounds like you had such great experiences with the choir. Truly a once in a lifetime experience. Mimi