Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Learning to be Pro-active instead of Re-active

My daughter just posted an article I found very inspiring. Its found on the right side of this on her blog: brighteyes foundation. See what the difference your life can be by being Pro-active instead of Re-active...sometimes we don't know what we are until we see it in writing and then go "hey, that's me!"

We had a situation at the shop yesterday with a re-active landlord...he could have cared less about the cigarette smoke coming into the shop from the renters up above. Nor that the air-cooler was not cooling. He more or less smelled and denied, felt the hot room and said HE loved hot! Now that's handling a situation maturely.

Well today I chose to be Proactive on this situation...and it will be NO MORE denial mr. landlord! And the leaky ceiling had better be fixed for the final time.

Just a little shop talk...hey its not always a "bed of roses" at the shop!

The pictures are items we took into the General Store last evening. They are open all week-end, go have a fun shopping experience. North corner of Gentile and Main. We will be open today and Thursday, closed for the holiday week-end.


C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

You GO GIRL!!!

Shellie said...

hee hee, your funny. What a lazy landlord! I would be proactively kicking his butt!