Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fabulous white

Big shabby chic chippy White painted Oak wall cupboard now at the General Store.

Fresh painted Cochrane Washstand or Layette with pink glass handles, very chic at General store.

White painted stand, opens for Plant stand for porch or place a beautiful mirror over the hole and display your pretty things on top, maybe a lamp on the side? Just sent to the General Store.
We also took a white antique head and footboard all white washed to Re-Creations in Roy along with a big wall display case...must see! Check out our other goodies and Re-Creations nice furnishings too this week.

Green apple chair and OTHER fun things arriving today at Just a Bed of Roses, lets put it this way...whatever will fit in the car! And today the sock monkeys must show up...I can't stand waiting for them anymore! P.S. Somerset has shipped, I have a feeling its the autumn LIFE and WHERE WOMEN CREATE...I can't stand it...can YOU? Lets hope they arrive Monday. You'll be the first to know if its sooner.


blog n' tell said...

Love everything you have put together to go to the General Store! I talked to the mother-in law when I was in the store and she said things have been flying out the door....inventory seemed a little low but cute stuff. I am going to get a group together to come visit your lovely shop maybe next week. I will let you know.Is the chocolate cake next door available all the time?? This may be a motivating factor for some of the ladies to come along.

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

christa, I will check today about the chocolate cake. I am sure your friends would say chocolate cake IS a motivating factor for sure. Most customers love alot of varieties of their mexican food. I'm always hearing about something good over there.
General store just being brand new has to find their niche, and I am sure will get it filled up quickly. For being brand new I think they are doing just fine. Super location, parking a challenge? I tell them that their shop will look completely different a year from now. dont you love those windows!
My shop will be getting a fall make-over in August...starting now to start the re-do and get the old out to get ready for the fall season. You should maybe wait a few more weeks to come down, I have been away alot this month.

Mimi Sue said...

I've been too busy at home with shed building and such. I NEED a day to play. Now another holiday this week and a DDS appt. tomorrow. Yikes, where has this month gone? I'll try to get to all these fun places next week. Mimi

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

Susie, you mean your too busy making apricot jam?