Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It can't be July 1st?

Finale of the 13th day Midwest Tour for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir...anxious to get home, experiences never to be forgotten, many coughing, all had TB...Tired Butts riding from Denver and yet still no Janine Green a soprano says "we must hoe to the end of the row!" we loved that saying! Thanks Janine.

Here the Little America in Wyoming has a spectacular event set up for our "last supper" together! Western themed, great hospitality. No one ever went hungry on this trip. Dont understsand why my pants fit this morning. Can you believe these buses traveling all over the midwest together, 11 of them, it was great.

Miracles happened many times with the weather such as these rain was beautiful when we pulled up and as we left these clouds came blowing in. Several times I witnessed coming into town for a concert in pouring rain and when the bus pulled up to it venue to practice and turned off its key the rain immediatly stopped.

I was full of all kinds of emotions when we arrived at the Tabernacle to part ways. Happy to see family and home and now off to spend the day at Just a Bed of Roses.

Looking forward to sharing more as the week goes on and time allows.


Anonymous said...

Welcome Back!!! I can't wait to come into the shop and hear more about it!

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Brenda, since you had a "tired butt" as you put it anyway, you should have brought that vintage vanity home and sat on it on the bus! I saw Jeni's and it is beautiful!