Saturday, July 18, 2009

2009 Pioneer Days Tabernacle choir 80 years Commemoration

This evening on the BYU station the Mormon Tabernacle choir will be rebroadcasting at 7:00 p.m their Pioneer Days concert,and the 80 years of the Spoken Word Broadcast, its considered to be the 8th concert on their midwest tour...and since I wasnt able to attend this one live...I am grabbing my box of kleenex and heading for the couch to watch it, oh, and chasing a 1 year old cutie grandbaby who is crawling all over the house!
I will finish up the 13 day tour tomorrow on the blog I think. You'll love the Denver Red Rock Amphitheater.
If you go to it will show the schedules of the rebroadcasts either tv or radio this week, there is quite a selection.

We are chosing tonight with the 100 degree weather, how about you? Are you staying cool?


Cindy said...

Thank you for sharing the choir with us. Glad your inside. Have a wonderful Sunday.

Jeni said...

You are very sweet. Have a fun weekend and try to stay cool. See you soon! I keep thinking about the vintage music. Let me know if you got some in.