Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jayna's Paris Neclaces...

This week a couple dozen of Jayna's unique neclaces arrived...showing some favorites here with the two big Paris delights.

The one I love is the green one on the second reads something like a nap will cure anything...not the right saying, but you get the idea. Her new ones will hit your funny bone for sure.

They came...the shipment of SOCK MONKEYS in smaller sizes, little sleeping bags, purses and coin purses, little suitcases all with sock monkeys in lively colors, affordable and something neat for summer play or to put away for that holiday that is only 5 months away, ouch did I just say that?

I will take a picture of them displayed on I am going to go find the field of flags in Weber county hoping to get a patriotic picture and enjoy a moment in memory of our soldiers who have given their lives for us.

We may close around 4:00 or so today, so don't plan a late shopping trip to the store, stay cool!


Cindy said...

beautiful necklaces - have a great day brenda.

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Oooh la la...Tres Chic!