Monday, July 27, 2009

FALLS & getting elderly...OOPS, OUCH, DANG IT!

We all know someone close to us who have fallen, hurt themselves, some more severe than others, its really quite common isnt it?
A month ago Merlyns (who works tues/thursdays) father fell in the nighttime unexpectedly and hurt himself, nothing broken, thank goodness, non the less truamatic and painful(something tore) for him and their family.

Saturday evening I was anxious to call my mother as she was returning from her class reunion she is 78, and looks forward to this every 5 years, actually she gets alot of anxiety about it, but always goes (we think to see her old boyfriend!!!) My dad thinks that to!
So about 9:45 we have a nice telephone visit about the reunion and she says well I am going to have a bath and go to bed, hope I can sleep.

Next day my sister calls me on her way home from Nauvoo and she proceeds to tell me that mother was drying herself off and fell backward into the tub full of water and hit her head. She is yelling for my father for help...well, he has needed a hearing aid for MANY MANY years and too stubborn to get one. Finally he shows up and without going into details he takes her to the hospital where she has the cut on the back of her head stapled up.

My mother has high "hate dr. office and hospital anxieties" and her blood pressure was at stroke stage and the dr. did not want to release her...however she told him there is no way it would go down if she stayed there. So she went home. Oh mother. I am thinking. But so her.

She tells me the story and says she thought for sure she was going to die right there in the bathtub. She watches alot of tv and has seen alot of head bumps/death results lately. So she thought that this was it and she just couldnt believe that is how she would die.

She seems to be doing well, taking it very slow and easy in the comforts of their home. While my sister today takes my dad to the dr. to see if he has a hernia, as on their first cabin trip this season he fell and did the splits as he slipped on the rug going out the door carrying the cooler. Oh no!

Does this sound familiar to those of you whom are 50 and over with elderly parents?
New worries for us for sure...grandchildren & elderly parents, oh, lets slip in our children! And while we are at it...ourselves!

P.S...the picture shown is an antique metal dr.s cabinet on wheels...did you know we have one in the shop for sale? It's awesome shabby white and probably from an old Utah hospital from the early 1900's.


Shellie said...

Love the white med.cabinet, its kind of eery being its from a hospital, but really cute. :)

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Glad your mom is doing ok Brenda. Such a worry when they fall... P.S. Did she see the old boyfriend???

Mimi Sue said...

You are so lucky you still have your parents around! Even though it is hard worrying about them. With my parents they became more and more childlike the older they got. It seemed like it was always something! I miss them so much. I don't know if you'd be interested in a fabulous estate sale or not. We live in the old part of Kaysville and one of our neighbors is Kelly Kinnard who has an antique store in SLC. Her husband passed away, she sold her house and it is FULL of stuff that she needs to get rid of. If you're interested let me know. My email is on my blog. Mimi

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Ohh, I DO hope everyone is doing better over there. I post about my mom every Wednesday w/ old vintage photos included. She fell over a month ago. Such a hard stage of life...for the elderly AND the children who worry about them!
The trick with the cupcake is to cook the two sides seperately. Which means you fill the unused section with water while baking. The big side requires a whole box by itself. The small side allows you to use left over batter to make several small cupcakes. HOpe this helps! : )

Mimi Sue said...

I think Stacey is from W Jordan or down that way somewhere. Mimi

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

thanks about the cupcake I will have success! I will have to read your blogs.

And sue, I think she has come into the shop, seems her husband had died suddenly. Yes, I will email you and give me the details okay.

Cindy said...

Hi Brenda, Dallin told me that he would detail (clean) my car if I could stay off the computer for two days. That was Sunday. Finally at dinner he got talking about it and I told him that I had to check my bank account (habbit). He got me laughing, telling me that he could check on everything that I had been doing. I got laughing so hard I nearly peed my pants. Then I told him that I checked my account via my e-mail. He said, Oh you lied to me then. He right, I lied to him and he caught me. I'm happy to say though, because I confessed about using the computer, and I'm not going to get my car washed, I am now looking at my blog.

You so right about the elderly.