Friday, July 10, 2009

Kamas/Oakley Utah, have you played there lately?

Aren't grandchildren the best? My two grandsons called "grandma will you take us to the cabin?" Okay I said, don't tell your sisters I will take them another time. Well, you know how that goes...the girls call the next morning bawling...Grandma can we go too? You know I caved in especially when I learned they had packed their suitcases.

My sister took her son, so I didn't do it completly alone...we had 5 kids under 11. And then their parents spent the second night with us.

At the mouth of Oakley's weber canyon is this Rhode Island diner, its celebrating a year and this time I was going to get in as its usually real busy. Nostalgic atmostphere, food NOT so great, would maybe recommend icecream and then play the heck out of the juke box with the oldies!

After NOT getting such a great nights sleep, you falling off their beds in the night, seeing scarey witches out the window...we kissed great grandma and grandpa as they left for their home the next morning (could they not take us anymore?)

With swimming suits on we headed to Kamas, there is a WONDERFUL indoor Recreation center with 4 pool areas, all ages friendly its worth the drive! Also a rock climbing wall if your kids are monkeys.

Our favorite place to eat is Dicks, they serve good hamburgers and they have the best buns now, onion rings, and the shakes are what we go for. Caprice saw a PINK MILK SHAKE and went nuts she's only 3!

There is a diner on one of the corners in Kamas that may be called wagon wheel (not sure of name), a customer had told me about their squash soup, that its the best, so we took a pint of it to the cabin, YOU MUST TRY IT!
Then up to Smith Morehouse beautiful among the pine trees, it was windy so no fishing (we had no license anyway). Nice camping area, however there are bears. I hate bears. Cabins are more my thing more tents & trailers.

Next day time for home...that night I went to sleep 7:00 p.m. for 11 hours!My husband didn't know if I was ever going to come out of it!!!

Can I handle grandchildren or what?

Hope your having an interesting summer too.


C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

But Brenda, the bears like YOU! I know you don't really hate them! I love bears! The pink milkshake sounds so cute!

Cindy said...

Yes I love the sound of the pink milkshake. YOu must be a wonderful grandma. And you grandchildren must realy love you. Love the cabin idea. Understand your 11 hours of sleep.

Mimi Sue said...

Since my grandkids went home I barely got out of my jammies all week! Isn't that pathetic? I used to be able to handle lots of kids...not so much anymore. Looks like you guys had fun. Mimi

Shellie Warren said...

This just means that you need more practice jean. =:)