Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lloyd Newell...I found his door in Kansas

But where is HE?

Lloyd Newell is a gem in my eyes and a well respected man around the world. I watch him faithfully each sunday morning with Music and the Spoken word. He writes all his talks, he is a volunteer doing so and he stays true to what the purpose of this program is all HOPE and inspiration to people all over the world no matter what their religion is.

Actually I saw him all the time traveling around & practices, I just couldnt get to him. Only I was bound and determined to talk to him on this trip. Last July my daughter Shellie was on a Humanitarian mission in Guatamala with Enterprise Mentors and Mr. Newell and his 13 year old son were there to do his sons Eagle Scout project...which is quite amazing, he raised over 2,500.00 and was able to fit and buy hundreds of shoes, build wheelchairs and pour cement basketball areas for the villages.

He remembered Shellie and her husband and her mentioning that we were joining this upcoming tour.

He was the MC for the programs each night and was delightful, informative and quite entertaining, giving us many chuckles as he explained traveling with this large of group on a tour such as this. The audiences loved him as he told how we all wanted to get on the same elevators and how much luggage was handled everyday, and lets not forget the reststop bathrooms and our patience!

In my next post you will see that I DID meet up with him...another one of my favorite moments and he was congenial to let us have our picture taken with him (though blurry, I dont even care!).
Right after I took this picture of his name on this door it was time for dinner buffet...thats right...another wonderful delicious buffet, this one chinese.

We never watched television on this trip, but the room we happen to go sit to eat had the msnbc news playing and there was an important newsbreak that Michael Jackson had been taken to the hospital. Shortly news of his death. Rather shocking, as it was to all the world.
So, I don't think I will ever forget this moment either.

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