Monday, July 20, 2009

Dixie's quotes of the day...

There is one thing I cant live without and it's Dixie of Lavender houses' daily quotes...Here is todays:

"its not so much HOW busy you are, but WHY you are busy.
The bee is praised
The mosquito is swatted!" -mary o'connor

Thanks Dixie I look forward to them each and every day, some make me laugh, many make me ponder and rethink. Always a good thing, don't ever stop.


Cindy said...

I just stoped at Lavendar House to pick up some of her tea dies material. I'm going to make something and see if it's worthy to sale. Lavendar HOuse is closed on mondays. I'll have to go tomorrow.

Simply Lavender said...

Brenda! you totally surprised me and caught me off guard with your *quote* post!!
You are such a sweet freind!!
I must have been extra good in heaven to have you as my friend!!
Glad you enjoy the quotes. As you know, I LOVE quotes and sayings and thoughts. I just hope I don't get annoying by passing them along.

So sorry Cindy about being closed on Mondays. Do hope you come see us on Tuesday! Hope you find a great bundle of tea-dyeds!

THANKS AGAIN Miss Brenda!!

Jeni said...

Great quote. Thanks for sharing.