Sunday, November 29, 2009

When we LOSE ourselves...this time of year

It's when we LOSE ourselves SERVING OTHERS that we are at our happiest we are's the GIVING time of year.

Sometimes we think we don't have alot...and yet there is ALWAYS someone struggling much harder.
I want to thank Shellie for her Brighteyes project this year and would like to invite you as customers to participate.
She has found MANY families in dire situations recently that will not be able to provide Christmas for their families.(Shellie doesn't know the meaning of small...ever!) 
Each Sunday I would like to present to you childrens names in hopes that someone feels the need to provide some Christmas for these children. Pick a child and leave a comment/ email  drop off a wrapped or unwrapped package to the shop/our homes this week for this family. You may just pick an item for a child also.

It doesn't have to be expensive and fancy, remember these children in need are use to living on very little and sharing with siblings. We don't need food. You will also receive a receipt for a tax deduction. If you have items that are like new and you have no need for we can get them to a needy family also. If you have any wrapping paper you are tired of...we can use it too!

15 Year old girl
shirt size: small pants: 1-3  shoes: 6  1 /2
needs several girlie gifts that 15 yr. old would enjoy

12 Year old BOY
Shirt size: 14 boys   pants: size 12   shoes: size 5
needs several gifts a 12 year old boy would enjoy.

8 Year old BOY
shirt size 10   pants size 10   shoes: 2
needs several gifts an 8 year old boy would enjoy.

3 Year old girl
shirt size 4   pants size 4  shoe size 7
needs several toys a 3 year old girl would enjoy.

We have received 20 beautiful hand tied blankets in all sizes from Cindy Geileman and cash donation from Becky Stratford, Sherri our tag girl donated many tags to be sold targeted for this Christmas project...many blessings to each of you.
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