Tuesday, November 17, 2009

ROLA...it's good!

Most of you won't remember Rola  bottled by the Rola beverage co. copyright 1945 marked right on the front of the bottle.
We have 24 bottles in the original Rola wooden crate.

Aren't they cute...well Mr. Bed of Roses said he is ready to sell them. That's pretty good
for him to part with his treasures!
This crate of bottles we are asking 240.00 and that will include the wooden crate. This is not for shipping.
Good heavens we looked on ebay and they wanted 5.00 a bottle, and 15.00 a bottle for shipping! Shipping glass can be pricey. Yes..sir eee!
If this grouping doesnt sell lets say by Thanksgiving, I will take them in the shop and will sell individually for 10.00 each. Keep this in mind for a super fun antique Christmas gift suprise. The quality of the bottles are excellent, either not used or just gently...that's a winner!
You may use your credit card.

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