Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ogden's Christmas Village...Have you been?

In this Special CELEBEBRATE Hoffman Media magazine, just out,  Ogdens christmas village is celebrated in enchanting pictures and the story of how the "new look" came about when Mayor Godfrey contacted Jo Packham who was active in the revitilization of the Historic district, if she would bring Christmas Village back to life...You'll want to read her response and the unique story of its creation!
Utah is priviledged to have a woman as Jo Packham, one who shares her passions with us and now the world with her inspiring book as editor and chief of Where Women fav! Thanks Jo, this would by no means be a quick  & easy task, but when Jo speaks, people listen.

Christmas village began in 1962. My husband and I have walked through  all bundled up for 30 something years now, we usually wait for a nice fresh snow storm to make everything sparkling white. When the children were growing up we took them of course to "get over excited" about Christmas, to see Santa and what parents like to do...wear them out!
If you haven't been...NOW is the year to visit downtown Ogdens 25th Street day or night.

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