Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wendy wanted something really special for Christmas presents this year...

Wendy's mother passed away recently, she brought in this lovely picture of her mother and picked out colors, size, design, silver heart charms and the saying "all that I am or hope to be I owe to my sweet mother."
Can you imagine how suprised and special this will be for her and her sisters to wear?
You too can bring in a photo and have it turned into an heirloom, it takes a few weeks, and this is just a reminder that CHRISTMAS is only 6 weeks away IF you can believe it!
Wendy, sorry about your mothers passing, if i remember correctly she was in her 90's? Wendy is stunningly beautiful like her dear mother, bet her sisters are too.
Thanks Jayna you ARE THE BEST! Jayna also brought in several other special orders one of a daughter who is in the Nutcracker, so this will be a neat suprise.
I will post her cupcake neclaces newly arrived, however Wendy just HAD to take the Marie Antoinette cupcake one home with her! I couldnt blame her one bit!

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