Sunday, November 8, 2009

I know what you are thinking about...

Grab you Mother/daughter MATCHING APRONS at Just a Bed of Roses, let's get ready for the holidays which are SOON approaching. Right? I knew you were wondering about your plans for the Holidays.

Celebrate... special edition magazine is now on the market (no, we do not have this book in shop).
I find every inch of it worth every penny spent.  Here's a few reasons why it will help me with the season:

For Thanksgiving every other year we meet with my family and we follow my sisters husbands tradition of going bowling before Thanksgiving dinner...yes, all 50 of us, and yes, most bowling allys ARE OPEN.
It's the only time that I go bowling, so one game kills my arms, neck...well...the whole body hurts!

What fascinates me in this book is the bowling pin sugar cookies. Inspires me to call someone in the family and see how willing they are to make them...I know it won't be me and others in my family have a passion for cooking and this could come about.

The recipes and pictures in this book looks so delicious and festive...I'm pretty sure I want to make one of these shrimp beauties, wouldn't you?
Go find you a copy before they are gone!
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