Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I learned alot today...and I 'm thankful for my experiences although out of my comfort zone...

#1. How appreciative I am of my husband to take me to Studio 5 with all the Christmas stuff and share this experience it with me. Thank you so much dear husband. Then I drug him to the shop to hang a purse rack...never complained although his shoulder was killing  him.

#2. Thankful my sweet daughter came to support too and give me great advice, helped with display and had lunch with us where we HAD to laugh really quite hard to relieve the stress. (laughing at me and with me, nothing else) She said in the waiting room she was saying "mom smile...MOM smile! I wanted to smile...nerves? And thanks to my oldest son Bryce for his support.

#3. I remembered to take everything I needed for the show...except for a few things...my smile, sense of humor and some of my important thoughts. It's okay and 7 mins. goes by really quickly.

#4. I learned that you follow the instructions of the producer/camera man? He said: don't pick up anything and stay in one spot"...that was not in my practicing plans at home...however I followed the rules!

#5. I'm thankful Brooke Walker is who she is...her talent to run the show as efficiently as she does. I had no idea of how involved she is in this show with each person, segment and detail, very amazing process.

#6. I learned that I had forgotten all about those folded readers digest of the 60's, until Darrin mentioned them , how about you?

#7. I also know for sure it's not a good thing to go do a segment after just watching the guy do the H1N1 segment...did you see the size of those needles they were shooting into that guys arm...what's up with that?

#8. Todays experience has already brought the shop new customers in which we are thankful and will enjoy their visits.
#9. Who would have thought the SPIDERS would be the hit of the day for Christmas? Not even the shopkeeper.
#10. Thanks to Studio 5 for the opportunity and I hope you as customers enjoy their program as much as I do. 
I could go on about EXPERIENCES...
we need them, they help us grow.

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