Sunday, November 15, 2009

Be of GOOD CHEER...thinking about this today

Yesterday I enjoyed combining this antique Santa Claus record onto this aged matting, tying some vintage wrinkly crinkly tea dyed satin lace around it and adding the coolest antique striped ornament. Don't you love it too? Sometimes I do have a hard time selling certain things...this will be one of those hard times!

It says...I WISH that I were SANTA CLAUS and after coming home from church, contemplating on the talk given I'm kind of putting two and two together here.

He talked about being of GOOD CHEER...(I never think of Santa not being happy all of the time, do you?)and how important it is to be that way even though we are having our daily struggles in life. And then he told us WHY it's important to be of GOOD is because it helps us get through those times so much easier.
Next he talked about HOW to do this...ONE was to  COUNT OUR BLESSINGS.

I had run into the sweetest longtime friend in the whole world as I walked into the church, a person loved by everyone she knows, who's concern was on her husband who's  health is serious right now...waiting for Dr's to find the problem and make him well. It was so funny to see diapers (clean of course) in her vehicle...what a good good grandma she must be!
Watched a brand new mother sobbing with her head in her hands listening to this message (remember those days, the baby blues, the hormones, the NO sleep and the other little children who need you, I just wanted to hug her and tell her it would pass.

And don't we encounter our friends, loved ones, even ourselves and those we work with and meet each day just trying to be of GOOD CHEER inspite of loss of jobs, health concerns, sickness, how to get the money they need, how to contribute better to their families.Something always breaking down.  Even Mr. Bed of Roses needs an MRI early this week  as he's been suffering from neck/shoulder pain we do not know the cause of right now. Hoping a pill will cure it not an operation.

 I WISH that I were SANTA CLAUS then I would make this all go away! That life would be heaven on earth... However We did not sign up for that on the other side...I know I didn't!

Now I would love to hear how YOU be of GOOD CHEER even though your times are tough...
What helps me is GOOD MUSIC...then the grass is greener, the sky is more blue.
Have a peaceful Sunday

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