Saturday, November 21, 2009

A few of our NEW BEST FRIENDS...

At home we've now added these items plus advil to our list of best friends:

Mr. Bed of Roses was diagnosed with a degenerative disc in the spine neck area this week. He doesn't need an operation yet and he must quit lifting. He's always been a hard physical worker, plus always lifting for me and the shop. You should have seen us try to figure how to bring 40 lbs potatoes in the garage, pretty funny.

Since his pain has been quite bad the past 6 weeks his co-workers have helped him along with these suggestions:
1 tsp raw-apple cider vinegar 3 times a day mixed in orange juice...for inflamation. Suppose to be good for arthritis and should notice results in a few weeks.

A nice lady made him this flannel pack filled with field corn, 2 mins in the microwave and it stays hot for hours...he is ordering me one today since I took it over as MY new best friend! Can't go wrong with a friend who always smells like hot movie popcorn can you?
And if you are looking for Carl at RC Willeys...just follow the popcorn smell, THERE you will find him!

November is MY hard would think December but it comes in 2nd place. Still some big days left of squeezing in Christmas gifts and decor.
Yesterday at the shop it was freezing, apparently the furnace accidently got turned off, we thought it had broken down.  I am grateful and thankful it was restored with a flip of a switch, too bad it took 5 hours of cold and freezing toes to figure that out!!! Sorry to those customers who DID tough it out.

With a call for a deep body massage REAL soon and with Carls new REMEDIES...we should be in working condition for the Thanksgiving week-end.

I usually don't whine and complain about life's struggles & problems! This is a place to come for inspiration and enjoyment. So thanks for lending me your eyes for this  post!

I think a PINK corn pack would be nice, don't you?

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