Sunday, November 1, 2009

Just a sneak peek...

Take  a sneak peek at a part of the segment I created and will be presenting on Studio 5 this Tuesday November 5th at 11:00   if you miss it I will post the segment on a blog Tuesday evening for you to view. Wish me luck, I certainly need it. It's been fun, scarey, stretched my creativity, got me into Christmas projects quickly, had the honor to communicate with Brooke Walker LIVE several times and through emails. She is one very sharp and kind tv personality. Love the show.

This was NOTsomething on MY BUCKET LIST of 101 things to do before I die, for sure.
Seriously...I am grateful.

Which leads me into our new holiday that starts today...Thanksgiving. Lets not forget our blessings of each day. I've been reading Annies thankful lists at  http://www.allthingsinthewest.blogspot/ and it inspires me to blog about my blessings of each day. So if you don't mind Annie I am using your idea and hope my blogging friends join me too in their blogs about giving thanks this season.

Today I am THANKFUL that I have a body that allowed me yesterday to take down Halloween and get Christmas rolling in the shop. It's a tired body today, but it's in working condition at least right now.

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