Saturday, November 14, 2009

Let it snow...Let it snow...Let it snow!

45 mins and all this...of blizzard that is still on going...couldn't resist the song "Let it snow" for all the fair weather friends in blogland who visit  from warm states and WISH THEY HAD SNOW...enjoy Utah's greatest snow on Earth right here. Since my husband took the car today, how about me not getting dressed today...Yippee!

Since Alayna is holding the shop down today...I am home creating to my hearts delight, ideas rolling around in my head, trying to make my hands create what my mind is thinking. making tons and tons of vintage Christmas to bring ..."Oh What fun"...that's a fun Christmas song must be the 106.5 radio station doing this to me!
On the not so bright side, today paying the shops monthly and Christmas bills, the downside to Mrs. shopkeepers not so glamorous part of life.

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