Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Off to Studio 5

Welcome Studio 5 watcher new blog viewers...thank you for your interest in visiting Just a bed of roses blog and we hope to create some interest so you will be inspired to visit often and come see us at the shop tucked in Historic downtown Farmington. It's a fun place to shop and have lunch too.
We get regular shipments and  there's always a large selection of vintage pieces and lots of vintage and regular jewelry  for wearing, collecting or for your many projects often. (fun purses too!)

We just took down our .Spectacular Halloween design for the blog...looking now for a Beyond Spectacular Christmas design...yes... it's that Most wonderful time of year!
The shop is turning into Christmas, If I were 6 people it would be done!
Will be back to blog about my experience today...I've decided to be scared AFTER THE SEGMENT...hope I can pull that one off!

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