Wednesday, May 28, 2008

County Wide YARD SALE I will be there June 7th with the BARGAINS

Save your dollars...I will be selling at this county wide yard sale June 7th at the Weber county fair grounds (if its rainy they put us in the building).
I will have tables loaded with ONE DOLLAR ITEMS or less. I will load you up with good bargains bargains bargains! The picture shows all the information, why dont you even come and sell? They have tables you can rent, sooo easy. What I love about community sales is that your not spending all your money on gas by running around.
The picture of the house...I NEED SHUDDERS like these on my home...does anyone know where to get them here in northern utah? Are they cedar? Do I need to contact a contractor? I know there are vinyl ones I can order, but would rather have the wooden and slanted sided ones. My email:
P.S. We are keeping a close eye on Dad...we are seeing how the anti-biotic works on his finger I guess and he is home. Thanks for your well wishes it is so much appreciated.

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Roxie said...

Sending prayers your way for your Father.
The shutters on that house are gorgeous! I want some too.
Good luck with your yard sale June 7th, sounds like it will be a load of fun.