Sunday, May 4, 2008

Tiny glass Tiara...1st year Birthday Present

I know you are droolling over this blown handmade glass Tiara, you can go to and crown the special people in your life too or gift yourself, somedays you are the queen aren't you?

This is a 1st year store Birthday gift given to me by Julie who has been such a supporter to me and given me help that I have been most grateful for this past year. She is among the top of my list of people whom I admire as she is always so positive to me and all whom she meets, she's alot of fun to be around you can always plan on laughing your head off at her stories. She's at the top of her game in knowing how to be a really good salesperson. Julie has 5 children whom she adores and works very hard to provide for them. I admire her endurance, patience and sense of humor. She does not have a Cinderella story book life, at times it can be VERY CHALLENGING to say the least. She's the one who should be gifted with the tiara, YOUR'E the queen.

So Julie...a big big hug from me and thanks for a Tiara I will cherish forever. (this was not easy getting a picture in its cute box!). Julie has a BIG BIG dream of owning her grandmothers old home in Salt lake city...she has purchased so many wonderful shabby pink treasures for it, they are to die for AND they are BEYOND SPECTACULAR...I just had to say that as its her famous saying which I have had to use at the most appropriate times.

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jeni said...

What a fabulous crown . . . I love it! Julie is a kind and generous person . . . just like you.