Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Estate soaps

I found these hiding out in my husbands own GENERAL STORE this morning. We came across a whole case of these wonderful old sweetheart soaps in a dingy old old basement, arent they cute and 1 cent...I need to research when soap would have been that cheap, dont I?
Tonight will be the second buying trip at an estate where I bought the lovely dishes (now dont follow me there!) My husband has the strictest orders to video tape AMERICAN IDOL as my TWO DAVIDS are doing the finale for the winning title of American Idol. I love them both so it will not matter who wins.
I promised pictures of all the recent finds but the Barber was leaving on a trip to Switzerland today with his family and he was like a little kid waiting for Christmas morning and distracted me all day long. Maybe today...hmmmm wonder what I will come across tonight for the shop?


Simply Lavender said...

Hi Brenda!
This is my first blog comment!
LOVE all your latest posts!
Sweet stuff!
Hope this works!

Simply Lavender said...

HEY Brenda!
ME again. I left a comment for you.
I'm just giving this comment to blogs a try!
By the way........this is Dix.