Friday, May 9, 2008

It's DAVID ARCHULETTA day here in Utah!

It's a toss up...I was trying to think which is better...the PINK CARAMEL CHOCOLATE COVERED GRANNY SMITH APPLES and PRETZELS...or DAVID ARCHULETTA coming to UTAH today?
I VOTE all three...if we were voting here! New orders coming today as we sold out yesterday.
David is coming to Utah Murray High school and then to sing the National Anthem at the Utah Jazz game this evening, he is amazing and inspiring and I live to hear him sing each week on American idol, so I think this year I may pick up the phone and do a vote for him. I do love the other David, and its okay if he wins too (wink wink), of course it would be fun to have a Utahn win wouldnt it? Hope you can vote too!
Come in and chose a present for the special women in your lives...see you! That reminds me, I hope I remember to take a picture of a special order that came in...I will share it with you tomorrow.

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