Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dad's Emergency

From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU for your loving thoughts and prayers on my dads behalf. He still needs them as he is not well. Unfortunatly he DID NOT get the right medical care yesterday, all they did was numb his finger and lift up some skin and then said to try some anti-biotic and was to return immediatly if anything changed. This just made for a very bad day for all of us, my dad said he's never felt so old.
I just guarantee today he is going to end up back in the hospital with surgery and will have a lengthy time hooked up to anti-biotic iv.
A few lessons learned here...dont get an emergency on a Holiday as your care could be compromised...seriously!
Lesson two...if you are a diabetic and see ANY sign of an infection get anti-biotic medical help immediatly. And NEVER dig on yourself...NEVER EVER. Even if its a sliver, which my dad had.
He just didnt know and an 80 year old just does what he has always done...fix it yourself!
Again, thanks for prayers on our behalf and please know we still need them.
The shop (and I ) will be open today, I have 2 sisters and a brother that will be attending to my father and mother today, I appreciate them so much.

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Anonymous said...

Love your needlepoint, truly sorry about your Dad. I am keeping him in my prayers.