Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Am I the only one who LOCKS THEIR KEYS in their TRUCKS?

So this is Shellie Monday morning...my delima...I stopped off at the post office in Farmington and got distracted with a cell phone call and yes, I locked my keys inside. Its really a rare occasion for me to do that, but it did happen. I called Shellie as she was on her way to the shop to pick up a present, I claimed there is no way I could crawl through the back of truck as it was loaded with 'NEW FINDS" for the shop. I opted to call 911 since the police station is a block away.
Shellie showed up before the police officer...she just easily slid her skinny body right through the goods and through the tiny window and rescued the keys! When the police woman showed up she said "well, it looks like you found a much funner way to rescue your keys!"
Picture is showing her going through the little window...good grief! Thank You Shellie!

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