Saturday, May 10, 2008

Georgeous GIFT CERTIFICATES are here!

Our Mothers Day Gift Certificates are in...get Mother something she can pick out herself . I personally love to receive gift certificates, I have trained my 3 sons well on this too! May is such a huge gift giving month, almost like December so hopefully we can help bring some Joy and appreciation to those you need to recognize.
Here too is a very special gift that is to be given by child #3 to her mother of 10 children, isnt it wonderful? I dont know how Karen sewed 10 antique quilt hearts on this so flawlessly, but she is amazing and did it to perfection as always! Anyone that has given birth to many children I am in awe of. Doesnt it bring a tear to your eyes? Isnt it neat how the hearts represent each child AND in their birth order?


Antique Paperie said...

Us mothers have a special place in Heaven - whether it's 1 Child 0r 20 - Because we have earned our "Mother's Day" celebrations - God celebrates us as well. I hope that when I cross those pearly gates - The Good Lord will pat me on the back and say "Job Well Done".
Happy Mother's Day Brenda - You know I'll be thinking of you!
xo Sherri

Sue said...

I visited with you the other day in your cute shop and you told me you have a blog and I just love it! It is so nice to know other women have the same obsessions because some people just don't get it! Thanks for being such a great inspiration. And Happy Mother's Day...Sue

sita said...

Gift Certificates are such a good idea I need to do them in on my site, thanks for sharing. Hope you had a wonderful weekend with lots of customers!