Thursday, May 1, 2008

MOTHERS DAY...we'll help you CELEBRATE in a special way

With it being the first day of May, Mothers day will be upon us come May 11th. This breathtaking ROSE photo card made its appearance today in the shop clear from California. Seems the daughter of a 91 year old Father is peddling her Fathers Photography which they have made into the most beautiful embossed cards. Well, I took one look at this Rose with is dew drops of water and its lucious pink and green petals and knew Just a Bed of Roses customers were going to enjoy this beauty. Only wish I had bought more! Isn't it inspiring to still be living your passion at 91 years old and having a daughter that really cared to share his work.

If you need special orders done in the way of florals, altered art neclaces, framed quilted heart sayings and green chocolate caramel covered may I suggest to get hold of us very soon. Plus Loads of chocolate caramel pretzels arrived today.
I will try to list Mothers day gifts each day...

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