Sunday, June 1, 2008

SHOW and tell...For all you CITY GALS!

We were having a relaxing Sunday sitting on the chippy white wicker couch eating our root beer floats when Carl spotted a Mother Robin in the fuscia that climbs the porch post. Being the curious person (little boy inside) he is and married to me...we had to find out if there are eggs or baby birds inside this nest...

Nice mud and twig bird nest, you gotta give these mother birds alot of credit

These are growing profusly around the yard now...they are GRANDMOTHERS FLOWER BUSHES and are my favorite, they bloom about 3-4 times during the summer and make a neat bush. They spread, so if you would love a start, let me know I will dig one up for you. This is a must have for the old fashioned grandmothers garden.

I found this in a junk yard...well a salvage it on my front porch!

Can you beleive these ferns...its June 1st and they are huge and spreading like crazy, I havent even gotten the perennials planted yet. Ferns love shade too.

Modern lilac bushes growing around an old farm wagon in the backyard.
Old Barn ladder hanging on wall of back porch, I usually take an old watering can and an old box to plant flowers in and hand them off this ladder in the spring/summer.
Wondering what to do with your excess farm plows etc...I just hang them from the brick walls outside...I just hate a BARE WALL ANYWHERE!

I did this 13 years ago...took 2 old old windows and hung on the back porch, where the glass is broken I hung an old old birdhouse.

Last year the birds built their nest in this was so cute to watch every day, I just dont have the heart to get rid of it, and they dont come back and nest twice. city girls, this IS the country, just throw in some fresh dairy air a few flies and wasps and taaaa dah...COUNTRY LIVING!
This post was for YOU ELAINE PACKER!


Beloved Creations said...

Oh my what great sales -- I will def have to check you out later.

Gayle said...

Brenda - LOVE all the pictures you shared of your yard. How do you hang all those cool things from the bricks of the house? I don't think brick clips will hold the weight of an old plow? That plant that you offered starts of, will it grow in the shade too? Or just the sun? And one last question - where is the salvage yard you found that cool metal art at?