Monday, March 1, 2010

Sneak peek...SUNROOM make-over

Just a little sneek peek of the sunroom make-over...mainly because my pictures were not taken in the right light.  We had the antique white walls textured, painted and glazed to these  browns (as brown goes with almost everything doesn't it?)  It's a fabulous base for showing off antique furniture too.  Had to bring those big fur animal print pillows home from the shop because to be honest with you they are cozy and I plan on laying on them and bask in the rooms light. Although I have a spacious and wonderful work room, I think this room will be where office work is done, then I have no distractions. People like myself cannot have projects to distract them when there is book work to be done. You know who you are!

Hope you enjoyed...I definitly will be showing more this week.

     This antique wicker couch I had newly upholstered by an excellent seamstress named Marie Watts you may know her she owned a lovely shop in Bountiful called Ivy's. It was originally going to stay on my front porch...but after it was done I said  this is the "not so clean" country and this is just to nice to be putting outside even on covered porches.

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