Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A vintage "garland of Affection" this day of SHAMROCKS

Rustic embossed tin frames with vintage post cards (1Cent stamped) wishing you Happy St. Patricks Day

Rustic flower hooks welcoming this day

Clock knobs, saying it's time to get out and see what's new and enjoy the sunshine.

Please come in and take a closer look
I need  the Luck of the Irish getting to work today with the freeway closed down in Roy, seems a double tanker truck
driver fell asleep and his gas load is dumping onto the freeway bridge overpass.
This could be an ugly situation, hope everyone stays safe.
Here is wishing everyone gets to where they need to today in a timely manner.

Yes, THE LUCK OF THE IRISH be with you this day!
Paper tags all 2.00 each
Select purses some up to over 1/2 off
Get while the gettin's good!

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