Monday, March 15, 2010

EGG-STRA...big truck loads today

Between my truck load and a BIG SEMI, no joke...we are loaded for some fun shopping this beautiful  spring week...showing a Shabby wicker Rocker
Shabby white wicker porch's heavy, my neck is going OUCH right now.

A Semi rolled up and I said "for me?" He said... uh huh. Never does a semi come delivering, you must remember that my daughter helped me on this shopping was some of this for the shop, one for her, one for me.
It added up to a Semi! Yippee! (and now it has to be paid for)
There are only two of these semi flat birdcages for clipping on needful things.
Can you just imagine what you can clip on this cutie!

Brown cast iron birdcage with birdie 3 hooks

Big key fun above a door, going down vertically on a wall, or even a
pretend mouse hole by the baseboard. What else? 4 styles. Love.

There is so much more...but right now I need to get ready to watch Jack Baur 24 save the world...he does you know, he always does. I've said this before, the guy never eats or sleeps no wonder this is the last season Planning on a new shipment next week of Just Be's do you love the twirly skirts? 
This week new fun girlie things coming in, so your going to have to help us with inventory
control before we burst out the door!

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