Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Lacy vintage PINK Easter dress with satin ribbons...swear I wore this in 6th grade OR was it YOU!
Maybe our Mothers?

Standard Examiner ad 1940's from JCPennys store.
This newly restored  antique wooden fireplace screen will feature our latest shop sales & will be placed outside the shop...I think?
Do you love the spindle sides!
Love Love Love

Oh my lands... does Penneys still make the  Gaymode Nylons (hose) brand??? No such thing as Panyhose those days. I couldn't wait to wear nylons, little garter belt to hold them on and a bra (ohhh I am blushing) was 5th grade Easter when I got my firsts, do you remember when you went into womanhood, and all the other stuff that goes along with it? 
Always a treat to shop at Pennys and ride the elevators.

Newly finished vintage shabby frame featuring inside a 1933 JOURNAL magazine cover...
the roller skating girls I think they are sisters( I made that up, it could be true though) ...ROLLER SKATING the FUNNEST pastime in spring and summer.
Remember skinned knees, elbo's  and all?

Antique dreamy creamy pale pink tassles bejeweled with vintage pieces
Never had any quite like them.

Antique spooning...big chunky spoon MAGNETS...uniquely fun to hang an Easter photo or
black and white photo.

Vintage keys are hot hOT HOT in the shop...Scrolly key is attached to antique chippy rustic clawfoot tub leg,  how about using next to a stack of books or even by pretty perfume bottles standing on a mirror? Also a Gold vintage key tucked in tea dyed paper roses...we have keys and key jewelry for selling.

Vintage clutches, smaller purses from the 50's  &  60's  the velvets would ever be so pretty with
our new handmade vintage style ROSES pins. This group has a buyer that must get first pick and then the rest will be up for sale. Let us know if you want to be 2nd in line!

Tomorrow will feature RUSTIC ... on parade at the shop...please come back soon!

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