Sunday, February 28, 2010

Elder Crosby welcome home...

Welcome Home Elder nephew who's been serving a mission in New Hampshire for 2 years.
He's wearing the tie with the thumbs up. He got tons of loves today and he gave an awesome talk at church.

The meeting was centered around always giving love and service to others.

And the last speaker which I loved also and need to do some real repenting as of  RIGHT NOW was about how he has thought so often that "wouldn't it be neat if we could drive around our neighborhoods and know that there would be a sign in their  homes that said "your name spoken nicely here" or was it "your name is safe in our home"...either way...can you imagine the whole world living this way?

I loved that thought.
I need to work on that more.

Right now we see  a softer side of Jordan, I'm sure his emotions of being home and also leaving his mission are mixed. So many family and friends to shower him with their love and support to help through..
Your an awesome young man Jordan and I am proud of you.

Here is his baby brother's just like him to poke his face in my first picture...Adam move!

Here is other brother
                                       Ben...just using his personality of teasing us...the  elderly!
Didn't find other brother Brad was he hanging with the teen girls?

I did find this gigantic dessert table, it was AS EXPECTED of the Crosbys...always the BEST in food and entertaining guests...the desserts never ever let us lets see, which ONES do I pick?

Carl's POTATOE SALAD came along too... with only a spoonful leftover.

This is Virginia we picked her up for my sister so she could spend the day with all of us. My sister is her "second mother" she claims...she is family to us and a "special needs" gal. 

Hannah her baby came along with us too...although she is not real to us, she IS to Virginia. She brought her to church and treated her just like a real baby. Hannah was  very good, unlike some other cry babies.

When we left she told my sister Janine that she was leaving Hannah with her until DECEMBER as she was busy working...good luck Janine, don't forget you have her!

Last time Janine babysat Hannah she put her in the basement on a shelf in the pantry. (mainly so she wouldn't get lost) When Janine brought her out for Virginia she was quite cold. And Virginia was disturbed at how cold she was as last year Hannah had cancer.
I wouldnt recommend that again sister.
Now here my husband HAD to comment...wouldnt it be nice to just put your kids on the closet shelf sometimes!
 Plastic babies are much easier... we ALL agreed.

 Thanks for letting me share our special day...Brenda
Have we done any good in the world today?

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