Thursday, March 25, 2010

SO MANY REASONS to shop THIS week-end at Just a Bed of Roses

Sweet...You'll smile too when you open YOUR egg before your purchase for extra
savings, coupons for another visit or something FREE!

LIFE arrived today...going to STUDY (lounge around right now) and devour the words plus be
inspired with each picture....and dream about what I can create next.

Had to purchase this treasure book for the shop...oh you are going to think your in heaven when you
see the beyond spectacular pieces.
Just a note: my vintage jewelry sellers are just WAITING for me to call as to buy from them.
It's just...
 I keep ordering all this fabulous stuff for you (and me) and
there is only so much money.
Just know that before Mothers day we will have vintage jewelry and jewelry pieces so you can
make some of your own designs.
And as I begin to organize my workroom there will be plenty of jewelry piece FINDS!

Organizing can be fun with these  RED antique sewing machine drawers, cant they!

Also a UNIQUE (that's the name brand) antique oak treddle sewing
machine arrived this week...
someone needs to own this soon!
It's beautiful, dainty and adorned with old roses.

Today a large assortment of vintage style ribbon rose pins arrived, they are handmade and
I have never seen such wonderful VINTAGE colors...the BEST!


For little girls and boys...AND JUST IN TIME FOR EASTER we sure do have a suprise delivery tomorrow.
will have to post tomorrow evening.
Please visit Jeni tomorrow and Saturday at the shop
She is bringing in a new load of Just Be purses and maybe others items.
You never want to be last in line for them.
Have fun and I will stay home to create while Jeni plays Ms Roses shopkeeper.

Will be having a chat with my business card maker and see
what fabulous ANTIQUE DESIGN he has come up with for the shop, we are using
real antique images.

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