Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It came in like a lamb...

So grab your umbrella...smell the rain.

It did...March came in like a lamb here in utah. Come out... SEE and FEEL
SPRING and meet someone we are very excited to have working in the shop, it's a suprise and she will be there Thurs-sat 11-5-5:30

The flowers did their springing or they have sprung?
The pretty dragons are flying

Easter baskets are getting filled...this one is for someone special
who just did something very nice for us. They won't have to
wait until I can never wait!

The bumble bee and lady bug came out of their hiberantion.

Hey guys...hangin at the  BEACH? A little much for right now isn't it?
If you weren't so darn cute you would go back in the box.

See you soon...don't forget your umbrella!

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