Saturday, March 6, 2010

Warmth in the Antique Sunroom...

Wanted to share our Antique Sunroom make-over which is about complete, it's sunny warm, CLEAN and comfy too. have to love that word somedays.

The Wall here fits an antique oak buffet, 1920's iron lamp, black mantle clock and the wooden shoe watercolor a Christmas gift from whom else...our daughter. I'm not ready to pound nails into these walls quite yet...No, not yet, just can't.

The Antique early 1900's Saloon wet bar served alcohol in the wild Railroad town at Historic 25th street Ogden, it was painted white and Mr. Bed of Roses spent one July melting, scraping, scrubbing the white paint off. We put the mirror in this 12' piece of furniture and now it is a member of the family.  There is quite a story about finding this piece. I will tell you it was $200.00 and we did not have the money! In fact that morning I was mad because there was no money to go to yard sales. But there was a sale around the corner when I left to buy groceries...and me being the addict I am, had to stop. It was a diamond in the rough in that old wooden shed and had been sitting there since 1950's We had an antique dealer follow us home with this piece and he offered us $1,000.00 and our contractor thought we were crazy for not taking it...would you?
Heck no!

Mr.Roses has loved crocks since he was are his redwings lined in a row. He thinks that is how
we must display. However... I have an awesome big red tile framed picture ordered ( he doesn't know about quite yet) that is going to be placed above this piece right in the middle so the crock row will be split.

We bought this lion head clawfooted round oak table in our early years of marriage at an auction. It's one of those times when you bid on something you really want and you just want matter what.(hey  we were young, it was a 2 child family at the time or was it 4 and we just didn't feed them?)  So it is married into our little family also. Till death do us part...that's how it is!  On the table are some Easter books etc. that will be coming into the shop on Monday with many more.

The birdcage awaits for a new display...

The piece below, an antique spinning book case is again one of our very favorite pieces, carved in it is the date of 1876 with more information.
It too is solid oak and in excellent condition. It was one of those very lucky times I looked in the newspaper at an ad and happen to be first there. The lady didn't want it as everything was new in her newly built home and she couldn't figure where to put this old piece.
Lucky us!
The price was like 125.00   uh huh, I can hear you!

Hope you enjoyed our newly textured walls too, It is a wonderful change for us.
Greg Terry is 100% fabulous artistic painter/texturing...highly recommend and if you need him please give me a call at the shop or 801-628-0890

Now onto the kitchen re-do...much MUCH more money and oh so fun! The wallpaper is gone... sink and  countertops are ordered...will be back to show in several weeks maybe a month. Right now I am boo- hooing about no more projects made on the kitchen counter, my life will be changing as it is... soon.

If you blog list got accidently erased by a silly old button I pushed. grrrrr.
You'll be back on there one of these next few days.

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