Saturday, March 27, 2010

STRAYING away easily...

Special Order finished  for Kelly S. it looks so beautiful I'm thinking the sunroom needs one of these?
You won't mind... Kelly?
It's so her!
Me too!

This is the last day to  make projects in the kitchen (Mr. Roses suggested) as the new countertops are due for installation this week,  will be making the most of it this weekend. This framed piece is all vintage. A page from the library of whom checked out the book has some old dates, added an advertising card from a business with the blue bird...too tweet.
 Do you love the old roll of toilet paper  adorned up with old ric rac/wrinkly ribbon and rusty old skelton key,
 all arriving at Just a Bed of Roses...
 Monday morning.

When I clean house THIS ALWAYS happens...does it to you?
Please say yes!
I walk to my workroom with a box of things to put away and come right back out with this and that to make 3 more things that JUST HAVE to be done RIGHT NOW.
Forget the dusting!

Really old music and paper from the early 1900's was my passion today.
You can see why. Now you know what do do with our fun plastic frames.

See why there was no stopping me...I did get the floors washed around these projects, laundry folded, and bought some chocolate so I can ENDURE getting the taxes ready tomorrow.

And when I saw this antique picture of the mamma bird singing on her nest in a worn out 1896 Spring book
I thought about grabbing an old
rusty bucket (of course in my garage) and made a floral with these pages
Precious & rustic.

And lets just enjoy the back of the floral too with a bird story, same book.

Matching tea dyed battenburg lace collar hanging on a  very old rustic hanger to go with the rusty bird floral
Beautiful black rose flower
French striped ribbon
too fun!

As you can see I did make progress, yesterday I hated ALL the clothes in my closet, do you ever get that
way? Threw them in a pile for the thrift shop among dishes in the kitchen cupboards.
Thinking ALL DAY that surely there is SOMEONE wanting to clean house for me!
That's just a DREAM of mine.
I tell my husband that ALL the time.
I get THAT LOOK... like "hey that's great, but your going to have to pay for it".
(I know how to read his thoughts after 37 years.)
 and I just might
because I  STRAY...  way   to ...   EASILY!

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