Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sales...AND in with the new !

Okay...we have been having clearance sales for a month in order to get ready for all the new cool stuff that's been ordered , being made or found (in my garage of course). New ideas so Re-arranging a bit, getting ready for spring...yeah, sorry East coast, feel guilty saying that with your big snow overload. But we do have more than our fair share of the cold white stuff.

To celebrate Valentines and we are NOW 3 YEARS OLD...where did the time go...there is a SALE of 10% off your entire purchase, everything!

Now to clear up something up so there is NO DOUBT or wonderings...NO we are not closing, a Sale sign does not mean store closing, it mean SAVINGS to you our good customers.  And because I am a confessed spend- a -holic...the money must flow continuously in order for the shipments to arrive on a daily basis.
I have done ordering clear up until Christmas 2010...doesn't mean I am done, but I did get first pick this year, so that will be nice for YOU and ME.
So OLD and NEW merchandise 10% off thru next Saturday...have fun, come visit.

Happy Valentines week to you!

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