Thursday, February 4, 2010

You sound REASONABLE...

Eat your FRUIT...never mind that  it's sugar coated PSYCHO-delic!
Mmmmm....It's Sassy fruit...because it's SASS
12 new bolts of classy sassy ribbon... playing around with them in the shop today. Here's a gift for someone... could almost pass for a boyfriend or husband for part of their Valentine. You sound reasonable. Time to up my medication. They'll hit someomes funny bone.

Those who are organized are just too lazy to look for things...hey, that was MY motto.

To Blueandshoeblog...Mrs. Potatoe head...have you come out of your death sleep and put your face back on yet? If so...put on those fabulous Stewart Plaid heels and get your House work done!(OR come and do mine, I have a layer of plaster dust over EVERYTHING"!)

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