Sunday, February 21, 2010


Sharing time...well a shopkeeper needs to make things right with the customer complaints, agree?
Seems I had ONE complaint /comment about our SO SO FABULOUS & pretty FAUX CUPCAKES not being real, and how dare I, it's just not right. Not mentioning names here...cough cough Lisa...oops!

And since I ALWAYS aim to please I will share a new shop in Kaysville with you:
Bake Shop
Because everyone deserves a little something special
237 W. 200 N.
Kaysville, Ut.
Hours: Tues.thru Sat. 11:00-7

owner Allison Regan
Visit the website, register for coupons and updates.

This is a Gluten free baking and they also sell Gluten free flour.

The teen girls working were adorable and friends with my teen helper, You'll love them. 
I like to introduce myself when I go into someone elses shop and usually will ask if I can advertise them
and I take some of their cards  (and do a blog)...good ethics I believe and a new  "SWEET"  business...well... we can all help each other out.
So the words out...BUT when you want to LOOK at a cupcake for alot longer than 2 minutes Please come get some of our pretty faux cupckakes!
Mimi I bet you have already found Sweet Cake?
I know I will be back.

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