Tuesday, February 23, 2010

PARTY ON...and a SUPRISE at the end of post

Pretty Pink Roses Faux Cake...you can reuse this every year or just
never let your birthday end...I like the second suggestion personally.

Who doesn't love to COUNT DOWN to their BIRTHDAY?
Dont answer this Please.
 CANDLE MAGNET...the candle comes out and it's a little magic marker to write on cupcake. 

A mini cupcake with ONE CANDLE with the little green fluffy on top...just in case your getting to that age
YOUR candles won't fit on the cake. Sometimes... just ONE will do, right?

Whimsy swirled cupcake candles, fun gift or forget making the cake just blow out the cupcake!

Woo Hoo...it's a Birthday Party
and isn't someone always having a Birthday?
Geez...mine just keeps coming every single year...it's a love/hate thing. 

In Celebration I think as of today THRU this week...LETS HAVE A SALE on Birthday items
JUST LISTED, plus any CUPCAKE in the shop 10% off. This is all new Merchandise.


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