Friday, February 12, 2010

I Fell in LOVE TODAY at the shop..,,

There is NO FAVORITE...I love it all!

Mr. UPS man got a complimentary bag of chocolate carmel dipped pretzels...I was so embarassed when I handed it him because the tag on it said "You are the Queen!" oops I said, your really the King! (now he will keep me in packages). wink wink!

Can You see why I fell in Love today...?

                                  Many more to unbox and display...some of these should
                                              make some fabulous Valentines gifts.

If someone forgets to Gift YOU for Valentines we are OPEN ON MONDAY
PRESIDENTS DAY there is so much to do...come on in
and GIFT YOURSELF...can you feel the LOVE?

Hours Sat. 13th: 10-5
Monday Feb. 15  10-5

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