Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Casual blogger conference 2010 right here in Sandy Utah

I just found this...LETS ALL GO! ( I will give credit where credit is due, it was from one of Lisa's(blueandshoeblog) best friend Krista's blog. You'll find her commenting over there on Lisas blog.

I love Matt Townsend...my husband ALREADY knows it...and its OKAY. Matt is the Keynote speaker...
He makes you laugh at life, men and women ARE DIFFERENT (I think MEN ARE)  and has ALOT of communications skills we all NEED to know or SHOULD HAVE KNOWN (especially when raising children and husbands)  and shows how you can put them to use. (okay okay---your proding...I've seen him privately as well... he does offers a fantastic  6 class course). His Book soon to be out if not already. I'm forever grateful to him.

The other speakers are women bloggers...they all look informative and we could learn alot about something we should know more about? Being better bloggers in whatever way we chose to blog. check that info out.

Lets get a group of us  Utahns together and have a fun day...well that's in 114 days, May 28th. in Sandy. Maybe someone could make something fabulous and we could wear something SUTLE to set us apart as a group? hmmm. (thinking cap is on). No red or purple hats!
It looks like there are sponsorships...I may have to join that part...some of you with business' ...you too?

Check it out...www.casualbloggerconferenceblog.blogspot.com  put it on your bloglist so all of us can know about it okay! There is a button you can get from there for your sidebar.

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