Monday, February 15, 2010


It's Bliss Victoria...welcoming SPRING (in Utah its kind of a spring light rainy day)

Look what was on the inside..."And I will make thee bed of roses And a thousand fragrant posies"
plus if you want some more or didnt get to meet Miss Peacock you can find her fabulousness french acres
in this book...just lay back in a chair and dream on.

A few TRUTHS magnets have arrived...meaning isn't it the truth?
This is more Mr. Roses and a few of his children.(they know whom they are!)

Shoes are not my thing...but I know PLENTY OF YOU who this fits perfectly!

Well who can't relate to this one...even when I am on hands and knees floor scrubbing the shop...
usually glitter covers my whole does that make me GLAM?
Never thought of it that way.

Have a fun day...and WE WILL BE OPEN TODAY...there are just too many fun
boxes that need to be unloaded...and the FAUX DESSERTS arrived Saturday...what a
treat to play with them...promise to take pictures.
Todays hours: 10:00-4:30-5

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