Sunday, February 7, 2010

Stinky fish...Super Bowl Sunday

Ready set's .Super Bowl Sunday...the Potatoe Salad is ready (as Carl cannot walk in the door of the grandchildrens WITHOUT his Potatoe Salad). Surely they would whine.
Seems he hid his homemade chocolate cookies in MY PINK CROCKPOT before leaving for work yesterday...I pretended I didn't find them...are some missing?
Sandwich snacks are in place...and what's kind of funny, we don't watch the Super Bowl...its usually on and we do love to catch the commercials...and check to see who's playing...who's winning.
It's a matter of Not being left out from the world on this day.

eeeewwwwww...where did these come from...has the camera "gift giver" been using my
new fabulous camera on HIS stinky fish?
Maybe I will have to hide the camera in a better place...kind of like the cookies. I ask you...Where won't a man look for a camera?

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