Saturday, September 5, 2009

Why we go to Swiss Days...

We get there at 7:30 A.M. in order to capture moments like this...yeah, she got her witch sticks! That's certainly a tradition at Swiss days in Midway.Sorry, we didnt catch her name OR ask if she would mind being blogged...oops!

We were happy paying $10.00 for closest parking (when we came back they had raised to $15.00),most places were $5.00 (we have a spot for next year all picked out now).We decide to scan the place over are the many chairs waiting for the MEN TO SIT WITH THEIR WOMANS PURCHASES, why not, the wife probably brings them some good swiss food.

We figure this elderly gentleman is the CHAIR POLICE, won't you agree?

WALL OF SHOPPERS...THAT'S why we get there before this wall happens about 9:00 a.m.

One of our favorites is Johnsons Metal booth, he handmakes it all, what a cool talented guy. Don't worry if you didnt get there, he will be selling at Holy cow boutique and Kottage Kupboard boutique this fall, he always has great fall items. Shellie and Christa got their share. I want another handmade trellis from him (that means the Outhouse in our backyard will have to go). One day I will break the news to Mr. Bed of Roses about this subject.

This is one line we NEVER EVER GO's for wrapping paper, hey, I'd rather use newpaper than wait in those lines. This was fairly small, but of course what do you expect at 7:45 a.m. Speaking of lines...there were many of these, this event just know all about what women need.I bet the orange potty is for the men?

Christa making her purchase of the day at the Johnsons metal, buying her BIG PUMPKIN. I admire these vendors, they work their fannies off for months, and then even harder setting up...and to sell all they have easy thing.

However this is what Christa really wanted, we took a stroll down main street... a Hello Kitty bike I forgot to ask if it was for her or the girls.

If you want one too, go to Midway Adventures on Main.

More shopping on an antique home turned boutique inside and out was fun.
Some art gallories and antique shops adorn the street, we didnt see it all, but we tried. I rarely get back pain, but was suffering with it this day, but there was enough advil and visual stimulation to take my mind of of it.

This home is for sale...I have seen this place years ago and in no way did it look this good. It, being up for sale, I visualized for a few moments of the shop taking over this wonderful old building in this mountain setting...then I came to my sense...this is Midway, its got to be over a half million dollars. So for now and probably forever, Just a bed of roses will remain in its affordable location in Farmington.

So back to the original statement "why we go to Swiss Days" I guess Tradition! The weather was perfect, we had our usual Knockworst on rye break with homemade sourkrout, swiss cheese sandwich, watched what the shoppers loved to buy from the vendors, giggled at the shops that were mobbed with WOMEN HUNTERS, as you know this is HOW WOMEN kill it and drag it home, just like the guys do each day when they go to work or go hunting.
Are we going next betcha as long as we have our Killer Instinct to drag it home!


Cindy said...

Brenda, this sure does bring back some fun memories. I do believe that it was you who introduced me to mid-way. I do believe I remember going together, me, you, maybe Maggy, and someone else was it Julie Phillips, Bradshaw.

It's so cool that you and your daughters go still. How fun.


C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hi Brenda... I have missed you! I shopped one day at Bed of Roses (Thursday) then went out Friday to see you, forgot you were going to be closed! Looks like you had sooo much fun! I love the witch sticks! And I do believe it is a good idea to keep the "men" behind a chained in area... gives the ladies so much more time to shop!... Talk to you soon... Julie

Shellie said...

haha,I never thought about it Julie but yes it is a chained area for the men. That's funny.

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

Cindy you could be right...we would get our kids on the bus and then go to the mountains. There were mobs then too, all wooden things and remember Pat richins and Alicia Stevens us to do antiques up there. Thats the one thing I really miss. They were the high light.
Thanks for the reminder...must have been nancy bradshaw not phillips that I recall. Maggie, probably
And money was so tight as we were just getting our big families into school for the season. There were times I couldnt go, no money or very very little. Now alot of the stuff I just dont want anymore.

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

That is hillarious Julie about the men being chained in...and then I think about some of the things you have told me about your former working days, makes sense!
sorry about being late friday, opened at 2:00 and it was sooo busy! So tired when I hit home.

Mimi Sue said...

I'm not surprised that I didn't see you there. We got there late. 8:20ish. And we had the grandbaby with the dreaded stroller. Walked through pretty fast had a scone and we were outta there. Had fun though. Didn't really buy much. I saw that same older guy in the time out area. I don't think I could get my husband to go if I paid him. I do love your halloween bottle brush trees. I'll have to come down and bring one home to live with me. Mimi

Jeni said...

What a fun day of shopping and it's a good thing you won't be buying that house. We need you here in Farmington forever!

Cindy said...

Brenda, are you changing something on your blog? When I click on Stitches, I can't go into it. Maybe the url is not right. It's

Nancy Bradshaw, that's right. Yup, get them on the bus and we were gone. Those were the good ol days. I remember Donna wanting me to go, but you and I and whoever went on Friday, she couldn't go until Saturday because of school. I think she still trys to go.

Let's do it again next year together only let's book a room at the HOmestead the night before. Us and our daughters.

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

cindy, I erased all the blogs accidently and then tried to re-enter and probably entered it wrong, thanks, I would have caught it but since you did sooner I will get it corrected, thanks.

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

Mimi, I did see you, I was not far at all from you, but your were really into looking at something. I thought "do not disturb!"