Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Shutter project...mission accomplished!

Mr. Bed of Roses hanging out window finishing the last window...and to think he can't hang the Christmas lights? Frightened me doesn't it you? I am naming our home the "beehive house", we win the award for having the most hornets in the state I believe, every shutter we took down was just full of them, every window and tree on this whole acre...anyone want to "out do" that?

Big pink roses will bloom and smell pretty under these shutters. Tonight it smells like cows outside...ugh!

More sky high shutters...we pulled a big row of wildflowers (tired of them)on this south side of the yard and got a new look going. Thinking of putting some flat rock and moss, don't know how well moss handles heat though, will study up for some low ground cover. Any ideas?

Here is a neat BIG daisy thing...don't remember it's name, they came from J & J nursery in Layton So several of these, 3 lavender daisy bushes and 3 white ones.

I bought this big iron basket recently,thinking of hanging it right under the workroom window...should I? Dixie says yes, I think yes...but I value your opinions too, let me know. It could be filled with pine for the holidays etc. etc. etc.

P.S. New outdoor light fixtures are on the way... along with cushions for the wicker couch and chair. Now I really hate summer to end, lets have a long long fall!


Simply Lavender said...

Ladies....I have had a personal upclose and personal encounter with these fabulous shutters!!
They are amazing and even more wonderful because of the work and effort and love that was put into them! (OK....maybe a few tiny swear words here and there....)but so worth it! WAY TO GO BRENDA AND CARL! The project of summer 2009!
ps....at the risk of being annoying.....have I told you that I COVET your porch? :) in my next life I hope to have long legs and a porch like Brendas!


Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

your home is beautiful and yes, yes, yes, to the iron thing under the window.

that mr. roses! give him 5 for me.

did you take that capital n out of my blog? I haven't looked.

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

We will both have big porches surrounding our homes in the next life Dixie, for sure!And we will just sit on them and eat chocolate & fruit and anything else we want.

About the swear words going on around here...oops,could you hear us??? Glad you saw the shutters up close, they really are pretty pieces of wood.
P.s. I have never heard you say you wanted long legs...it makes sense!

Mimi Sue said...

Your shutters are wonderful. You can have the prize for the hornets. I don't want them! We put up those ugly plastic yellow traps and they worked so well. Usually we have a few in the house this year NONE! Mimi

Mimi Sue said...

PS I want long legs too! Mimi

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hi Brenda, your pretty white flowers are White Coneflowers... butterflies love them! And a pretty, low growing fast spreading ground cover is Sweet Woodruff, actually I believe it is considered an herb, comes back year after year, pretty green foliage with little white flowers in May... I had fun at your shop today... my things look great! Julie

Jeni said...

You are been a very busy girl. It all looks wonderful and I think that's a great idea for the iron hanging basket. Can't wait to see how it all turns out and those pretty light fixtures!

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

Hi cute Brenda. I see you changed the capital N to a lower case n. That's right but when I click it on it says it's not registered and it says cindysstitches-n-suff. That s needs to come out and a - goes in.

I'm a problem child aren't I. Hope you've had a good day.

cindy G

create in two and a half hours said...

Hi Brenda, I'm Camille. It is so nice to "blog" meet you. I hope to meet you in person soon. Thank you for your kind words. It is truely helpful to know you have support when you are just starting out in blogland. I love how you have mixed the skulls and victorian women. It is very Jack Skellington meets Mary Poppins. I hope you pop into my blogsphere here and there and I will do the same. Your friend, Camille.

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

Brenda, thank you, it works. It makes me sooo happy. I feel normal again.

cindy g